e-Gov Days: A New e-Transformation Metric System for Countries: A Case Study - Czech Republic



Assessment of e-transformation is essential to shift governments’ e-performance to an advanced level. In this context, the major purpose of this paper is to evaluate e-performance of Czech Republic based on a newly developed e-transformation metric system. This new system has been derived from some popular e-transformation assessment methodologies. The results of e-transformation assessment of Czech Republic are demonstrated in two different ways. Initially, e-Performance of Czech Republic is summarized considering results of four assessment methodologies annually published between 2001 and 2008. Summary has included both the scores and rankings of Czech Republic in these years. Secondly, Czech Republic’s e-performance is analyzed according to methodology of newly developed e-transformation metric system. That is, Czech Republic’s performance in e-transformation aspects is analyzed and its overall e-score card is provided based on the metrics of the new metric system.